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Great Women
Great Ambitions

Let’s just say there is more to Punjab than bhangra!

Our artisan women are from the village of Kot Ishaq in Hafizabad district, about an hour from Punjab’s largest city, Lahore.


Location: HAFIZABAD, Punjab, Pakistan
Women employed: 150

Hafizabad is one of the oldest districts in Punjab, evidenced by references to it in the Mughal Emperor Akbar’s 16th century constitution. Famous for its high-quality rice, with a major portion of Pakistan’s $2B+ rice exports coming from this region, it is also home to an enterprising cohort of women and girls whose dedication to earning their own income leaves us in awe.

At present, our 150 women are learning the art of hand embroidery with silk or resham threads, and getting together for four hours every morning to create the beautiful motifs that appear on our handbags.

To us, these women are the epitome of resilience, optimism and dignity.

Meet Some Of Our Women

Read short vignettes below on our artisan women.

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